Chillin Chimp (Available 8th June)

by Adobe Stock (Art Marketing Ltd)

Image of Chillin Chimp (Available 8th June)

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Code: AMG00327

Size: 97x77x3cm / 38x30x1inch

An urban statement with attitude. Using a bold paint palette and wide brushmarks forms the foundations of an expressive piece of graffiti wall art. A humanised chimp rolls with a chilled demeanour. Sabrina Roscino embraces the genre by embellishing the classically framed artwork with hand-applied paint embellishments over the print and gold frame to create a lively composition.

Dimensions: 97.0x77.0x3.0 (WxHxD cm)

Weight: 4.00Kg

N.B Please be aware that individual monitors will display minor differences in tone and colour.

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