How to write an Artist Profile

In simple terms, the "Artist's Profile" is anything the artist wishes to say to his or her audience. The best artist profiles are in everyday language, almost conversational.


Unlike speaking to a group, writing gives you the advantage of speaking directly on a one-to-one basis, since each person reads at their own pace and reading is a very personal experience. Therefore it is important to write as though you are talking just to one person.


Your artist's profile is where you have the chance to explain why you chose to create what you have created. What motivated you? Is there a background story to the art? Do you wish to share that? What thought processes did you go through to arrive at certain ideas or conclusions?


Do not be intimidated by this. Part of being an artist is self-exploration. You are already "putting yourself out there" by showing your work. So follow through, for those who would love to know more about what you have to say.


For example, something inspired you to sculpt an elephant instead of a sheep or a woman or a tree. Something made you sculpt that elephant in just that way. It does not have to be "deep". You have made many choices in creating a specific work of art. That is what you should share in your profile. Tell your story.


Your story will change over time, as your artwork does. Don’t forget to re-write your artist's profile to fit with the artwork you are currently exhibiting. To improve your artist's profile, read those of other artists. Note your reaction to them. If nothing else, stick to what you like to see.