Fabrizio Van Marciano

Fabrizio Van Marciano

I have to probably be the most self-critical artist on earth (laughs). I am rarely happy with a finished piece of artwork that I eventually like anything complete in good time. I have always been inspired by work from other artists, I can’t say that’s a bad thing. People often get offended when you’re influenced by someone else for some unknown reason. I do feel that in the beginning I failed somewhat, to probably explore the inner workings of my own artistic mind, as everything that inspired me to paint didn’t really work on the canvas for me. I knew what I wanted to create, but couldn’t really find a style if you like to benchmark my name.

My recent bodyboarding trips with friends have stoked me up with some fresh new ideas. I always knew that Cornwall was beautiful, but getting out of the car and walking along the coastline from beach to beach in search for waves, I realised how much of this place I’d actually not yet discovered. Summer truly brings out colours that winter shunts out of light. I needed something more than just sand and water and sky. I needed rocks and shallow reefs, perfect turquoise waves breaking in secret spots that you would truly die trying to get to walking along dodgy cliff faces. I needed heather and flowers, an abundance of wildlife, little footpaths that lead to these surfing treasures. I've surely found them, along with a fresh new approach to painting seascapes on canvas.

I’ve always painted with passion without a doubt time surpasses when you’re engrossed. In the last five years of my painting career I’ve tried and kept things fresh with unique collections of art that my collectors have appreciated so much of. Some of my recent original work can be found in several galleries in Cornwall, one of which local to me, The Seventh Wave gallery in Bude, which itself has had a small success with collectors of my work.

I am truly a personal artist that I do believe, and although we’re a Van Marciano Art company and all that, I truly enjoy seeing someone appreciate my work and feeling pleased with a commission that I’ve done perhaps. With Samantha’s dedication and experience in marketing I have been able to self-represent my own work without the use of a middle man or additional selling platforms. I love dealing with people and talking art is as passionate to me as talking about how big the waves we’re over the weekend (laughs).

My general non nocturnal daily routine is consumed by checking emails at seven over a full English, grilled of course and filtered coffee whilst listening to Radio Cornwall. Depending on the surf conditions, painting begins around 9 until 2. The afternoon I check emails again, update the website accordingly and that’s it. Then clean up and more surfing… My evening’s are spent marketing my website and looking for new ventures in bringing my artwork to the world.

However, I am somewhat of a summer nocturnal creature. On occasions I have been known to be creative by night and surf and sleep during the days. Bodyboarding to me is a second religion. When the waves are pumping I do spend an awful lot of time in the water, anything up to six hours in a single day. I’ve just bought a new board so I’m keeping a close eye on good old magic seaweed (laughs).

As an artist and one of life experiences I know what it’s like to struggle. I take nothing for granted and savour everyday that I’m alive. I love what I do and I am so grateful that I can carry out my passion for painting and surfing in a form of a career. My girlfriend is as dedicated to succeeding as I am and amongst the creativity we share a life so worth living for together.

Over the years I have created a large number of commissions for both private and corporate clients worldwide. I have held numerous exhibitions throughout the southwest as well as taking part in the Ideal Home Exhibition earlier this year. There are several galleries, hotels and guesthouses in Cornwall featuring plenty of my work on display though my biggest presence at the moment is online.