Adelene Fletcher

Adelene Fletcher

Adelene Fletcher's wonderful prints and originals are now at West Country Galleries. Adelene's background in textile design explains her impeccable sense of comosition and skillful use of colour which is evident thoughout her work.

In more recent years, Adelene has specialised in watercolours, the medium for which she is now most well known. Her work has received much acclaim and has been exhibited at the prestigious Royal Insitute of Painters and The Watercolour Society. Not surprisingly Adelene has received numerous awards over the years.

Today Adelene teaches as well as writing and proving the illustrations for her own books

Adelene Fletcher spent several years at Manchester College of Art in the latter part of the 1950's and went on to work in a textile design studio as a Design Consultant.

This background accounts for her wonderful sense of colour and composition which is evident in all her art.

Since specialising in watercolours she has received much acclaim in galleries throughout the country and exhibited at the prestigious Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour. She has also exhibited and been appointed a member of The Royal Watercolour Society and The Society of Botanical Artists.

Adelene Fletcher has been awarded many prizes over the years. Her love of art has also inspired her to write and illustrated a number of books and also teach students.