Sabrina Roscino

Sabrina Roscino

Sabrina Roscino studied art, design and media at the Isle of Wight College and then at the University of Portsmouth. She then worked in various in various creative jobs including glass making, before she realised she wanted to become a full time artist.

Sabrina has lived in Cowes on the Isle of Wight for most of her life (although her family comes from Italy). She takes inspiration from the beauty of the surrounding coastline, as well as from frequent trips to Italy and France.

When she's not working, Sabrina Roscino enjoys walking around the island and spending time with her family and friends.

Sabrina Roscino studied ceramics, textile design, photography and graphic design and she has a wealth of skills, enabling her to create captivating works using unique textures and mixed media.

As a keen photographer, Sabrina takes inspiration from the picturesque coastline, the streamlined yachts and medley of pleasure craft that cut a course through the Solent.