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  • Nick Saunders

    Nick Saunders

    Art by Nick Saunders (Art Marketing) available at West Country Galleries.

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  • Paul Valencay

    Paul Valencay

    Beautiful art from Art Marketing by artist: Paul Valencay

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  • Wendy Kroeker

    Wendy Kroeker

    Beautiful art by artist Wendy Kroeker

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  • Valeria Mravyan

    Valeria Mravyan

    Beautiful art by artist Valeria Mravyan

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  • Lyn Chambers

    Lyn Chambers

    Beautiful art by Lyn Chambers

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  • Blakely Bering

    Blakely Bering

    Blakely Bering, artist and founder of Bering Art Collective, is making big waves...

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Image of Watching The Sea

Watching The Sea

A couple sit on a bench at the beach enjoying the view of the sea. This artwork gives a sense of calm...

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